FIA Smart Driving team leaders

Team leader arc desc.

Thiago Vivacqua

Discipline: GT Cup Open

If you like long and safe travels in a “Brazilian way” you should join my team!

Sébastien Ogier

Discipline: WRC

FIA SDC is a meaningful challenge that develops smarter drivers on the roads. Join my team!

Nasser Al-Kuwari

Discipline: CCR

Join Nasser Al-Kuwari's team in the FIA SDC. Compete together for safer roads and cleaner air!

Suvi Jyrkiäinen

Discipline: Circuit

The FIA SDC is a great way to show that environmental questions also matter in motor sport. Compete against your friends and drive smart!

Molly Taylor

Discipline: Rally

Together we can make the world a better place - Join me in the FIA SDC!

Tomáš Enge

Discipline: Circuit & Rally

I love to be the best behind the steering wheel and I'm sure everyone who joins me has the same goal.

Martin Tomczyk

Discipline: WEC & IGTC

The FIA SDC encouraged me to drive in more economical and safer way, and with more attention. After your drive, you can see in real-time how good you drove and compare it to other drivers all around the world.

Jutta Kleinschmidt

Discipline: Cross country rally

Together we can make the world a better place! Join this challenge and be part of a great contribution to environmentally friendly and safer driving. Improve your smart driving skills, have a lot of fun and an exciting competition!

Pontus Tidemand

Discipline: WRC 2

To drive smart and responsibly is something that concerns us all and by improving our eco-friendly driving in our everyday life, we're investing in our future. I'm all in!

Tina Thörner

Discipline: Rally & Rally Raid

To be a part of our exchange in triggering all of us to become the “SMARTEST of the SMARTEST drivers” together for our ENVIRONMENT and ROAD SAFETY!

Timmy Hansen

Discipline: World RX & Extreme E

As a person I’m always competitive. On the roads in my normal car I respect the speed limits and drive safely, I always try to drive as eco friendly as possible. Not as easy as it sounds, and it keeps me focused.

Kevin Hansen

Discipline: World RX

Driving smart is fun! It saves me money and reduces my impact on our precious environment.

Johan Kristoffersson

Discipline: World RX

Road safety is very close to my heart. The FIA Smart Driving Challenge will be such fun and smart as it sounds and it will let anyone improve their eco-friendly and safe driving.

Petter Solberg

Discipline: World RX

The first thing that comes to my mind when I am behind the wheel is the “safe driving”. Let's take this challenge together in the FIA Smart Driving Challenge for "safer roads".

Oliver Solberg

Discipline: RallyX Nordix

Oliver Solberg is the son of Petter Solberg, and drives his father's car in the Nordic RallyX-team!

Henning Solberg

Discipline: WRC

Henning Solberg has competed on and off in the World Rally Championship since 1998. He won the Norwegian Rally Championship five years in a row starting in 1999.

Hayden Paddon

Discipline: WRC

While this will be a great competition it’s important not to forget the important messages, this challenge carries on. We're in to strive for being safer and more complete drivers, something we all can share and inspire many more people to be.

Karol Basz

Discipline: Car racing

I would like to have opportunity for continued development and thus new challenges and further achievements. Join me in the FIA SDC!

Gosia Rdest

Discipline: Car racing

Motor sport is definitely one of her biggest interests, absorbing her in every possible form - racing, testing, driving a simulator and being involved in the development of this field, especially while promoting women in motor sport.

Giniel de Villiers

Discipline: Rally Dakar

We all need to do what we can to make our roads safer, and also, this is gonna be really fun. Join me in the FIA SDC!

Freddy Loix

Discipline: Rally

Winning is more important than participating, but this requires focus. Join me for the challenge!

Fabienne Lanz

Discipline: Racing Driver & Karting Team Chief

While learning about the challenges we face daily on the roads, let's enjoy it at the same time. Learning whilst having fun always equals better results!

Catie Munnings

Discipline: Rally

I’ve experienced how fun driving can be from all angles and want to keep the fun and enjoyment of driving, but help to make us all more efficient drivers.

Andreas Mikkelsen

Discipline: WRC

I am competing at the elite-level of motor sport, and if I, as a driver, can inspire others to become smart, safe and environmentally friendly drivers, I’m happy to do that.

Adel Hussein Abdulla

Discipline: CCR

Adel Hussein is a successful winner in some of the world’s toughest off-road championship.

Abdulla Al-Khelaifi

Discipline: CCR

Join Abdulla Al-Khelaifi's team in the FIA SDC. Compete together for safer roads and cleaner air!

Marlon Stöckinger

Discipline: Circuit

Being out on the road you don't only risk your own life if you rush yourself but the lives of others. So always pay attention and be aware of your fellow motorists.